Dear Reading Groups,

I would love to join your reading group for a discussion of my novel, by phone, Facebook or in person. If you are interested in giving me feedback as a developing writer and in receiving old Italian family recipes, please contact me at I am most able to afford travel within Minnesota, Wisconsin, Chicago, Iowa, North and South Dakota, Maine, Manhattan, Manitoba and Ontario, but I’m open to other cities as well.

Betty Herself

Betty LaSorella

was born into an Italian family in Cicero, Illinois. After a lot of rabble-rousing and kid-raising, she now writes books and cooks up mischief and good food in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Kenyan Journey

I spent a month in two small villages working in the schools in Kenya. To read more about my adventure and to see how you can help bring clean water to the schools, watch this space for stories and ways to help.
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